ECS Blinds wood blinds overview

Wood blinds


Wood blinds are natural and durable window coverings. The classic elegance of both paint and rich wood stains add the warmth and beauty of wood to any room.


Our Wood Options Include:

ECS Blinds Fauxwood Wood and Wood Blinds Color Samples

  • traditional paints and wood stains; 2˝, 2½˝ and 3˝
  • distressed wood finishes; 2˝, 2½˝
  • privacy light control options
  • coordinating cloth tapes
  • blind tilt motorization
  • 2˝, 2½˝ and 3˝ slat sizes



ECS Blinds standard Fauxwood

Standard blinds are manufactured with route holes and a cord or wand available for 2″ Blinds. 2.5″ and 3″ blinds are manufactured with Cord Tilt only.


ECS Blinds ROUTLESS Routless blinds maximize light control and provide additional privacy. By eliminating the rout holes in the slats, routless blinds achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance and reduce light leaks.


ECS Blinds Multi Blind Rail

Multiple blinds utilizing a single rail system (2-on-1 and 3-on-1) may be required for large window applications to maintain ease of operation.




ECS Blinds Tile Cuts To accommodate for door handles and other architectural obstructions, bottom-side cutouts are available on horizontal blind applications.


ECS Blinds Door Cut Out To accommodate for door handles and other architectural obstructions, side cutouts are available on horizontal blind applications.


ECS Blinds Blinds Motorization

Motorized 2″ blinds can be tilt operated by a single touch of a button. Radio (RF) and Infra-red (IR) remote options allow for indirect or point and shoot tilting and can be programmed for single or multiple blinds.



Faux wood blinds are made with the best materials to handle humidity like no other blind and require little maintenance. They have the beauty and warmth of a variety of finished wood textures. The Royal Valance comes standard on all Faux wood blinds (as shown).

ECS Blinds 2inch fauxwood

2″ Fauxwood

ECS blinds 2.5inch fauxwood

2.5″ Fauxwood

ECS Blinds 3inch fauxwood

3″ Fauxwood

Fauxwood blinds Photo Gallery